Introducing SteepSeat® the World's First Cable Suspension Walkboard System.
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A Roofer Turned Innovator

After more than 40 years as a roofer, KainBuilt™ founder, and CEO, William “Billy” Kain finds himself in a new phase of his career – looking for simple solutions to the home improvement industry’s most frustrating problems.

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A Real American Family Man

William Kain had a new vision for his career in early 2020 with his first invention, the Eraser Spacer. This state-of-the-art invention removes those ugly, algae-induced, black streaks from your roof’s shingles.

From there, Billy was hooked on improving the lives and processes of roofer’s and professional contractors and has continued through his invention of the SteepSeat®. He’s dedicated to improving outdated systems for professionals taking on the most challenging projects.

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