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William “Billy” Kain

The Roof Rescue

An Inventor's Journey to Save Rooftops Across America.

William “Billy” Kain has been in the roofing industry for nearly five decades. His Richmond, Virginia-based company, A Plus Roofing, installs more than one million square feet of roofing materials each year and ranks in the top one percent of roofing contractors in the nation.

So, when he saw something was amiss with the roof of his own home, he had only one question: “What is with these ugly black streaks?” His roof was only eight years old, but had lost its curb appeal due to the formation of ugly black streaks. The inspiration for his product was born – as all great inventions usually are – out of necessity and frustration.

The streaks, he discovered, were a result of microbial parasites growing on his roof. As an experienced roofer, he knew the time and effort it took to rid a rooftop of those streaks; and they always come back.

And so, he began a mission to save rooftops across America, and as a result, save homeowners thousands of dollars by providing a quick solution to the problem. Enter, the EraserSpacer™, a breakthrough in the industry that rids rooftops of black streaks for good using the technology of a special copper plate and sealant technology. But, the solution didn’t come overnight. It came through years of dedication, trial, error and a few serendipitous moments along the way. Read about Kain’s discovery of the EraserSpacer™ – and get inspired to rid your home of ugly black streaks, and extend the life of your home’s roof for decades. Don’t replace it. Erase it.

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William “Billy” Kain